Read on to find out all about the MY BAKER Valentine’s Day Gift Giveaway, available to one lucky winner!

MY BAKER's Valentine's Day Gift Giveaway includes a cupcake bouquet and a gift hamper

The most romantic day of the year is fast approaching and whether you’re married, dating or one of those single lucky few, you’ll no doubt be hoping for a ‘secret’ admirer this year.
Just what should you expect though? Are you hoping for flowers and chocolates? Booze? It is your second date after all, so, is jewellery too much?
MY BAKER sends out a cake giveaway each month, but with Valentine's Day just around the corner, we thought it might be nice to do something that little bit extra special this time!
Together with a few generous partners, we have rustled up a few lush goodies to help share the love this Valentine’s Day.
But just what does a Valentine's Day Giveaway include? Read on to find out!

Cupcake Bouquet  

Is it really Valentine’s Day without flowers? We don’t think so, which is why one of our top bakers has baked up a batch of delicious flower themed cupcakes. This way you still get the amazing first impression of a beautiful bouquet, but you get to eat them afterwards!
Cupcake Bouquet

Hook & I Card

Thanks to Hook & I, you can say ‘I love you’ in style! Self taught, Melbourne inspired Zoe came up with the idea as she travelled the land down under. She now makes a range of crochet themed goodies, including cards, necklaces and coasters!
MY BAKER's Valentine's Day Gift Giveaway includes a cute brown paper card with red crochet love hearts floating on top

Pinkster Gin

Who doesn’t love a cheeky glass of pink gin (or three)? This smooth, raspberry infused gin comes courtesy of Pinkster Gin, throw in some tonic and some fresh fruit as a garnish and it will be sure to get you in the mood for your Valentine’s celebration.
MY BAKER's Valentine's Day Gift Giveaway includes a bottle of premium Pinkster Gin!

Nipper & Co Tea

What better way to wake up than with a cup of Nipper & Co’s Organic Wake Up Brew. Jump out of bed, or crawl if you’ve already drank the gin, and start your day the right way with an organic blend of Indian Assam, Yerba Mate and Siberian Ginseng to boost your for energy and immunity levels!
MY BAKER's Valentine's Day Gift Giveaway includes two boxes of Nibbler & Co's delicious organic tea

Leo and Bib Paper Collage 

Everyone loves a pretty picture don’t they? Using old book paper, vintage packaging and lovely old fussy patterned papers, Leo and Bib love to create commissioned portraits and memories. If a picture tells a thousand words, what better way to tell your story?  
MY BAKER's Valentine's Day Gift Giveaway includes a paper collage straight from Leo and Bib

London Grace Nail Varnish

If you’re dressing up to the nines this Valentine’s then don’t forget to polish off your style thanks to London Grace. They are an award-winning beauty brand, offering nails, coffee and cocktails to give you the full beauty experience. They offer a menu of manicure and pedicure treatments, with no-nasties and cruelty-free polish!
MY BAKER's Valentine's Day Gift Giveaway includes a selection of London Grace's speciality nail varnish

By Laura London Candles

You’ve got the gin, you’ve got the cupcakes. Enjoy both whilst basked in the romantic glow of candlelight. By Laura London has kindly gifted not one but two rose, jasmine & mint scented candles to set the mood!
MY BAKER's Valentine's Day Gift Giveaway includes two scented candles from By Laura London

Georgiana Scott Necklace

What Valentine’s Day gift is complete without an elegant, stylish necklace? Our Valentine’s giveaway includes just this, from London’s own Georgiana Scott. Georgina Scott specialises in discerning jewellery, and now, you will too.
MY BAKER's Valentine's Day Gift Giveaway includes a beautiful necklace from Georgiana Scott

Aro Jewellery Earrings

Complete your Valentine’s look with a pair of gold ‘huggies’ earrings straight from Aro Jewellery. Perfect if you’ve got a romantic meal in the oven or there’s a table for two somewhere with your name on it!
MY BAKER's Valentine's Day Gift Giveaway includes a pair of gorgeous gold earrings from Aro Jewellery
Who will be the lucky winner of the MY BAKER Valentine’s Day Gift Giveaway? To enter your chance to win this bundle of joy, simply head to the MY BAKER Instagram page and follow the instructions!


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