MY BAKER Top 25 Inspirational Bakers Awards 2018

If you're like us, you spend hours and hours scrolling through baking accounts on Instagram - then you might want to read on. MY BAKER has put together a list of 25 inspirational baking Instagram accounts that have caught our eye. Of course, there are far more than a (baker’s) dozen baking related Instagram accounts but we felt these put the cherry on top.
Scroll down and read our recipe of inspiration and soon enough you’ll have a few baking ideas of your own.
1) Best Luxury Building Cake
We couldn’t believe when we saw Renat’s Instagram page! We had to pick this castle themed cake because let’s face it, the lights, the elegance and the grand design would even put Disney to shame! 
MY BAKER's Top 25 Inspirational Baker Awards - @renat_agzamov - A stunning, multiple tiered castle cake to make any Disney princess green with envy.

2) Best Emoji Cookie Decoration Video

Amber’s Instagram boasts an incredible range of biscuit decorations that set her apart, but we especially love her feel good vibes biscuit decorating videos. We could watch them all day. Take a look for yourself and get ready for your tummy to rumble! If you've got some decent WiFi, check out her Youtube!

MY BAKER's Top 25 Inspirational Baker Awards - @sweetambs - A delicious in the shape of a tasty bowl complete with chopsticks


3) Cheekiest Cheeky Monkey Cake
How cute are these monkeys?
Angela’s cheeky monkeys swing in to the MY BAKER Inspirational Baker Awards thanks to their boutique storybook style. Angela bakes over in the States where she offers both private and group classes. Perfect for an office day out!
MY BAKER Top 25 Inspirational Baker Awards - @cakesbyangelamorrison - A multi tiered cake, complete with some cheeky monkeys swinging around


4) Most Colourful Range of Biscuit Frostings
We had to give a shout out to Holly for her legions of decorated biscuits! Her Instagram account has more biscuits than your Grandma’s cupboard and her precious designs will have you scrolling through for hours!
MY BAKER Top 25 Inspirational Baker Awards - @hol_fox - A gaggle of ghost biscuits in a pastel coloured theme
5) Best Pixar Cake
We picked Elena’s Ratatouille cake as it captures the essence of the Ratatouille story so well. With such an innovative design, is it any wonder Elena is baking up a storm in the baking world?
MY BAKER Top 25 Inspirational Baker Awards - @elena_gnut_cake - Remy the rat dodges a bundle of dangerous kitchen utensils when he is caught in the kitchen
6) Best Baby Bear Cake
We couldn’t get enough of this teddy bear castle cake.
Its story time feel makes it cute as a teddy bear's button! Who needs a teddy bear picnic when you can have a teddy bear cake!
MY BAKER Top 25 Inspirational Baker Awards - @ipohbakery - Teddy bears clamber and climb up a story time castle


7) Simple Stunner Cake
What stuck out to us with this design is the 'less is more' simplicity. The steampunk pipes mixed with flowers speaks volumes, giving off an industrial yet elegant look.
MY BAKER Top 25 Inspirational Baker Awards - @alliancebakery - A multi tiered cake with flowers and a steam punkesque pipe climbing the towering cake
8) Most Realistic Sugar Sculptures
If The Little Mermaid villain gave you nightmares as a kid then you might want to look away for this one! Carla’s Ursula sugar sculpture has really captured the malice that Ursula encompasses. Watch out, if she can’t steal your voice she might try steal your cake!

9) Most Creative Macaron Designs
We are quite partial to a mouthwatering macaron or two at MY BAKER so when we saw these we thought ‘How you doin?’ We love the creative design, so simple yet instantly recognisable, perfect for a themed birthday, celebration or just to share with 'Friends.' 

10) Best “All You Can Eat” Cake
Where to even start with Laura’s cake? We picked this mouthwatering monstrosity for its multiple layers and all of its sights to see. We never expected to see smothered pancakes mixed in with baked beans and a cherry on top to boot but it just goes to show you that anything is possible in the cake world.
MY BAKER Top 25 Inspirational Baker Awards - @lauraloukaides - A mountain of food cake, complete with subway, burger, baked beans and a cherry on top
11) Homeliest Instagram Page
When we saw Jo’s Instagram page we fell in LOVE! The homely theme of her pie-chart topping pictures sends us straight into a fairytale. Jo has meticulously positioned every aspect of every image giving off an impression of a long dining table covered in baked yummies!
MY BAKER Top 25 Inspirational Baker Awards - @jojoromancer - Four delicious home baked pies on an equally awesome looking backdrop
12) Best Story-Telling Cake
A life journey told in cake. When Gaya made this wonderful piece she had a simply brief, to encapsulate the client’s father’s incredible life journey on his 70th birthday. She did this by showing his journey from Sri Lanka to the UK with a thin gold line, red hearts for where his loved ones reside and the countries he has visited along the way. The galaxy inspired top tier reflects the ‘Out of this World’ father that the client was lucky to have. What a wonderful gesture to a loved one!
MY BAKER Top 25 Inspirational Baker Awards - @gayas_cakes - A two tier cake showig one mans life journey around the globe


13) Most Arty Wedding Cake Appliques
We couldn’t believe the intricacy of Cynthia’s petal designs! This two tier cake with stunning flowers, painted with a knife technique, takes us back to childhood readings of Frances Hodgson Burnett’s The Secret Garden.


14) Most One With Nature Baker

Tara succeeds in connecting nature with baking, using a wood-fired oven that she tends with her own two hands to bake pies, bread, waffles and more delicious treats. She shares her philosophy of living a simple life not only on her rustic Instagram page, but also in her first book "A Baker's Year". 

Sourdough Crust

15) Best Flower Power Cake
Talk about flower power! We see a lot of gravity defying cakes in this line of work, but the level of detail on this cake is worth note, not to mention the time it would have taken to hand sculpt all those delicious sugar flowers pouring out of the sweet tube!
MY BAKER Top 25 Inspirational Baker Awards - @kekandco - A sweet tube pours an array of flowers onto a tiered cake


16) Best Unbalanced Cake
This topsy turvy teapot cake is what happens when creativity meets innovation and what bespoke cake baking is all about! How do they do it you wonder? Well you'll just have to figure that one out for yourself! Careful though, no sudden movements!
MY BAKER Top 25 Inspirational Baker Awards - @davidcorsencakes - A set of teapots and plates appear to balance and wobble

17) Best Character Capturing Cake
This cake design certainly ‘UPs’ the cake game. We’ve noticed a few cakes appearing with holes cut out, what makes this one special is the detail on the figurines and how Kate has captured Kevin’s curious nature with the tilt of his head. We love it!
MY BAKER Top 25 Inspirational Baker Awards - @katescakedesign - The film up comes to life in this tiered cake, with Kevin the bird peeking his head out of a hole built into the cake.

18) Fanciest Interior Cake
Talk about interior decorating! This beautiful cake is inspired by the infamous Beauty and the Beast ballroom scene. We love the level of detail given to the bay windows and the candelabra and can just imagine Belle and the Beast spinning and twirling beneath.
MY BAKER Top 25 Inspirational Baker Awards - @winifredkristecake - A tiered cake with an entire interior section to look like the ballroom from Beauty and the Beast

19) Best 30 Second Baking Tutorials
John from Preppy Kitchen shares short tutorials on his Instagram that show within 30 seconds how to create his bakes. Whilst his videos are highly addictive, he does also break it down to the most crucial aspect - the recipe. Enjoy!
Christmas Tree Cupcakes

20) Most Inspirational Recipes

The recipes that Kristin shares on her blog are inspirational in two different ways: They not only help you with recreating easy, yet delicious cakes and other treats that look stunning but they provide food for thought as Kristin always adds a quote to each recipe that describes her current mood or situation.

21) Best Vegan Chocolate Cake Recipe 2018

We chose Domestic Gothess for the best Vegan Chocolate Cake recipe due to her thoughtful writing and delicious looking images. Hannah continuously offers suggestions and tweaks throughout her food blog posts! Such as to include a range of allergen or preference specific options, with helpful baking hints and tips in an easy to follow format. She even goes on to host a range of recommended vegan recipes of her own!

MY BAKER Top 25 Inspirational Baker Awards - @domestic_gothess - A delicious vegan chocolate cake on a cake stand with a beautiful backdrop

22) Best From Sketch to Reality Cake
We love Claire’s concept of showing the whole cake design process. Starting with a sketch, she shows the cake designing process from conception to result. Whilst this is likely common practice among bakers we love her innovative approach of putting it on her Instagram so that her followers can follow the journey of her cake designs!
MY BAKER Top 25 Inspirational Baker Awards - An idea leads to a beautiful cake in this three step cake design process
23) Best Upcoming Baker
Fresh out of Le Cordon Bleu, Savita is MY BAKER's one to watch! Savita studied at the Parisian campus and we've added her final piece for you to see just what a world class baker looks like! She says that she is particularly proud of the chocolate topper, and we can definitely see why!
MY BAKER Top 25 Inspirational Baker Awards - @savzzzz - A chocolate covered cake is cloudlu presented by a baker
24) Best Baking Show 2018
Kate's amazing baking and lifestyle Instagram shows her delicious bakes for all to see, enhanced by her Youtube videos as well. On her page you'll find appetising bakes and mouth watering pieces that will have you craving for something sweet and fancy!
MY BAKER Top 25 Inspirational Baker Awards - @inthekitchenwithkate - A slice of reindeer themed Christmas pie

25) Most Trendsetting Baker

Don't be fooled by this bottle of Coca-Cola. It is actually a cake creation made by Andres, a talented baker from Sydney, that set a whole new trend in the baking world.

Well, there we have it - the MY BAKER Top 25 Inspirational Baker Awards 2018. Got an idea for a cake but need someone to bake it? 
Wait a moment, do you know any bakers you think should be in one of our categories? Or are you a baker yourself based in London or Birmingham? If so, then by all means get in touch and we would love to have a chat!


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