Nutella Swirl Loaf


Here at My Baker, our range of products embraces a range of subtle and distinctive flavours. Pumpkin in a muffin? No problem. Cinnamon French toast in cake form? Why not?

Still, classic flavours have stood the test of time for a reason, and so it is with Nutella. That’s why we’re delighted to have these Nutella loaves in our collection for good old-fashioned chocolate nuts.

Did you know? Nutella was created during the Second World War as a substitute product to give a chocolatey hit using very little cocoa, which was in scarce supply?

My Baker’s corporate offering

After almost 20 years in the city, My Baker co-owner Mark knows a thing or two about food for corporate meetings:

“I can remember some lovely examples of meeting food, but I often reflected that whoever had put the choices together hadn’t thought about the practicalities of “eating while meeting”. Meeting food should be delicious, but crucially should also be straightforward. 

For example, hummus and tzatziki dips are lovely, but you don’t really want to be discussing the finer points of that all important deal with dips that can go everywhere and end up on your clothes or the side of your face – talk about undermining your credibility!

That’s why, as well as looking and tasting great, our meeting offerings are straightforward, clean and in most cases can be eaten with one hand and without cutlery.”

Please note we cannot guarantee the absence of trace amounts of any ingredient, so our products are not suitable for those with severe allergies.

This product is part of our Breakfast Spread Selections. If you would like to order a spread of multiple items for your toffice breakfast please click here for The Breakfast Spread.

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