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Unicorn Birthday Cake
Unicorn cakes have taken the nation by storm, and rightly so! With their intricately piped pastel manes and perfectly shaded golden unicorn horns it’s easy to see why. A quick scroll through our Instagram or Pinterest will show an array of delicious looking unicorn cake images and ideas! A mythical creature fit for any occasion, we’re sure the unicorn birthday cake will make for the best addition and leave guests in awe.

You aren’t limited to the classic unicorn style though so panic not. MY BAKER has seen numerous customers personalising theirs to be Harry Potter themed or even donning moustaches! They can look truly exquisite and fit with your desired theme. Our bakers are talented and love the opportunity to have a little creative freedom in the kitchen! Screenshot your images of inspiration or simply browse our online shop and select our very own Unicorn Cake.

A cake where lovers of unicorns can unite in celebration of all things magical! A beautifully flavoursome and light vanilla sponge adorned with an exquisite pastel buttercream mane. Note: The mane will be pastel colours and may differ to the image. Available in both chocolate and vanilla flavour.

Please note that eggs, gluten and dairy went into the creation of this cake. It also comes in a nut free option too. We can look to cater for just about any dietary requirements you may have to make sure everyone gets to enjoy the fantastic cake creation because nothing says celebration like a generous slice of cake and copious amounts of smooth buttercream! If you would like this cake to be halal, please specify in the notes. You can even have a message piped onto your cake at no extra cost. Please specify in the notes section.

Our Unicorn Cake come in a variety of sizes to ensure you can feed the desired amount at your special occasion. With a 6-inch cake usually able to feed 8-12, an 8-inch feeding around 12-18 and then a 10-inch feeding approximately 20-25. All of which is of course dependent on how you cut your cake and how generous your slices are!

Our bakers just need 24 hours’ notice to be able to bake and deliver your ombre creation. All cakes are delivered between 9am-5pm. If you would like a specific delivery time slot or a personalised message on your cake, please specify at the checkout.


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