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Rainbow Birthday Cake

Our beloved Rainbow Cake has been a proven hit throughout London. With its distinct multi-coloured layers and deliciously smooth buttercream coating you can really see why! Our towering rainbow cake is the perfect birthday party must-have, even coming in cupcake form. You can add personalised toppers for any occasion!

The Rainbow Cake is an undeniably tasty treat that’s left its competitors hidden behind a rain cloud. You’re sure to find a pot of gold at the end of this rainbow in the form of one generously sized slice of sponge cake. But it’s the cakes interior where we really see our talented bakers cake craftsmanship come to life. With six layers of vividly coloured sponge depicting the beloved rainbow. There’s no time to sing the colours of the rainbow, you’ll be too busy asking for another helping!

Our cake can be purchased through our easy to use online shop, where we have a selection of our bestsellers available to buy at just 24 hours’ notice. Not forgetting that our Rainbow Cake comes in a variety of sizes to ensure you can feed the desired amount at your special occasion. With a 6-inch cake usually able to feed 8-12 and an 8-inch feeding around 12-18. All of which is of course dependent on how you cut your cake and how generous your slices are!

Please note that eggs, gluten, and dairy went into the creation of this cake. If you would like this cake to be halal, please specify in the notes. Have a message piped onto your cake at no extra cost. Please specify in the notes section. This is certainly a cake that makes for that undeniable wow moment with both taste and appearance! Just bear in mind that all of our incredible cakes are made to order so there may be slight variations in the design.

So, you’ve heard great things about our famous Rainbow Cake and now you’re itching to order your very own! But how? Well it couldn’t be easy. Just head to our online shop, check the options that apply to you. You can even add additional notes so we can create the exact cake you’re envisioning. Then 24 hours later it can be delivered to your door. All cakes are delivered between 9am-5pm. If you would like a specific delivery time slot or a personalised message on your cake, please specify at the checkout.