Egg Free Cakes - Order Online

Ordering egg-free cakes online with My Baker is easy! You can explore a variety of designs, choose from various customisations and sizes, and all with out compromising on taste or texture. With six classic flavours to choose from, there’s cakes for all occasions, Meaning almost everyone is guaranteed to enjoy a slice regardless of dietary needs!

Note: Please make sure to select Made Without Egg (may contain traces) when ordering.




Please note that our bakers operate from kitchens where egg is used as an ingredient. Therefore whilst reasonable care will be taken to exclude egg as an ingredient and avoid contamination, there is always some risk. This is why our product is described as "Made Without Egg (May Contain Traces)"

As macarons contain egg, they will be removed and replaced by other suitable decoration. 

If you have a severe allergy, we would not recommend purchasing at this point.