What did the world do before donuts? It’s too painful for us to imagine! Their deliciously sweet and sugar coated exterior when bitten into reveals whichever scrumptious flavour combination you’ve chosen! From fruity filled jams to rich chocolate, it’s a prospect that has our mouths watering already! With such a wealth of delicious flavour combinations available choosing just two would be near impossible, so we think it’s best to treat yourself to a few!

The past few years have seen a rise in quirky ways to present donuts, from towers to walls the possibilities are limitless! They make for the perfect addition to weddings, parties or any special occasion you fancy! You can choose from a range of flavours and designs to make something completely bespoke to you. It ensures all your guests have a sweet treat and of course makes for a fantastic backdrop for all your pictures! Coming in a range of sizes for all parties, you could even opt for a donut stacker. All are fun alternative ways to present your chosen sweet treat and you could even add a glitter topper!

The design itself can be as complex and intricate as you wish because with donuts just about anything goes! We have seen everything from syringes filled with chocolate stabbed into a delicious double chocolate donut to ones adorned with unicorn horns and pastel colours galore. We have even delivered emoji donuts, it left us with serious heart eyes. A quick scroll through our Pinterest will have you feeling thoroughly inspired with our countless fun designs!

It is no secret donuts are known for their rounded shape and distinct hole in the middle, they’re iconic! But it does raise the question of where do the donut holes innards go?! Panic not, the donut hole, Timbit, munchkin or whichever name you give to it is often used too! With the same delicious flavour as the full-sized donut they are an equally tasty bite sized treat and perfect for those after a smaller portion.

So now you know all there is to know about the humble donut why not order your donuts online with MY BAKER and have them delivered to your door in just 72 hours? By simply designing your own you can create the bespoke donut selection you’ve always wanted!