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Chocolate Croquembouche Tower

The exquisite towering spectacle that is the croquembouche tower, a delicious choux pastry concoction that is sure to make any occasion even more special! A croquembouche or croque-en-bouche is a French dessert consisting of choux pastry puffs piled into a cone and bound with threads of caramel. In Italy and France, it is often served at weddings, baptisms and first communions but in modern culture it has become popular the world over. Due to its stunning appearance and delicious flavour. An alternative to the ever-popular wedding cake and a twist on tradition that is sure to impress all your guests. Leaving them hoping there’s some left to take home!

The name originally comes from the French phrase croque en bouche, meaning ‘something that crunches in the mouth’. But perhaps the most important element to consider is how do you possibly go about cutting into one?! The first option would be with a knife, as is traditional with weddings for the couple to join hands to cut the cake, right down the middle. Before being whisked away to be evenly distributed for all the guests in attendance.

Another popular option would be that if your croquembouche has been finished with melted toffee or a layer of caramel, using a hammer to smash your way into it! It definitely makes for some interesting wedding photos! It could be a fun way to make guests feel relaxed and reiterate the element of fun that comes with getting married. Or, of course you could simply pop a single choux bun into each other’s mouth to avoid the otherwise messy aspect of the well-loved croquembouche tower.

Then there’s thinking of how to decorate the tower. There are several ways to decorate a croquembouche and everyone’s different and will ultimately want different things. Popular favourites are fresh seasonal flowers, ribbon, fresh seasonal fruit, drizzled chocolate, macarons and even edible glitter! To add that extra sparkle and shine to your occasion.

In just a few clicks those that are London and Birmingham based can have their very own croquembouche cake delivered to their door, just 48 hours later! All treats are delivered between 9am-5pm. If you would like a specific delivery time slot or a personalised message on your cake, please specify at the checkout.