Cake Delivery - Woking

You might recognise Woking as the inspiration behind The Jam’s ‘A Town Called Malice’, where the Martians first landed in H.G. Wells The War of the Worlds or just a large historic and cultural town in Surrey.
Either way you’ll be pleased to know that MY BAKER’s cake delivery Woking means that Woking’s cake game is strong.
Take a look at nearby baker Alice, who, after catering for a number of big-name musicians on tour has settled in Surrey to start her own cake company.
Our skilled bakers in Woking will create delicious cakes for any occasion. Our virtual bakery makes choosing the perfect cake easy. You can order from our bestselling cakes via our online shop or order your dream cake by submitting a bespoke online form. Once your order is confirmed, we’ll take care of everything from final touches to delivery.
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