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 Buttercream Cakes

Buttercream Cakes

The humble buttercream, with it’s smooth and velvety texture, can be shaped and crafted into exceptional designs and creations. Coming in varying styles from American to Swiss, it often encapsulates a light sponge layer to create the delicious and well-loved buttercream cake. It’s undoubtably the perfect addition to any occasion, from weddings to buttercream birthday cakes. Our Pinterest boards are overflowing with buttercream cake ideas that will no doubt have your stomach rumbling and leaving you wanting to order one!

Our personal favourite of the buttercream variety would of course have to be the indulgent chocolate buttercream cake because with buttercream you aren’t limited by design or flavour. If anything, it allows for the chosen baker to show their artistic flare and flavour creativity. As they create buttercream ruffles and flowers that are piped to perfection, reiterating how buttercream décor is a true cake triumph that’s sure to have your party guests in awe!

Buttercream cakes are ones of versatility and as previously mentioned definitely pack a punch with flavour. A classic buttercream option offers plenty of design opportunities, from piped rosettes to simple swiss dots. From towering tiers to single story, the design possibilities are truly endless and customisable to your very own bespoke cake vision. Making them ideal for weddings, baby showers, birthday parties and can even be used to coat a selection of tasty cupcakes.

If you aren’t prohibited by the cakes scale either then you could opt for an array of towering tiers. There’s even the possibility of dummy tiers if you desire a tall cake but want to stay within budget. It’s all dependent on how many you’re hoping to feed, which all our talented bakers take into account when designing your dream cake!

If all this talk of delicious buttercream cakes has left you dreaming of your very own cake creation then why not treat yourself or a loved one! Browsing our online shop will reveal a scrumptious selection of handmade cakes coated in copious amounts of buttercream. With just a few clicks you can have yours arriving at your door just 24 hours after purchasing. Our talented bakers deliver between 9am-5pm. If you would like a specific delivery time slot or a personalised message on your cake, please specify at the checkout.

But if you can’t spot exactly what you’re after then you can design your very own. Using our simply bespoke form. Just check out our website!