Here at MY BAKER we’re renowned for our cake selection but that doesn’t mean we don’t know how to do a delicious chocolate brownie selection! The humble brownie, a chocolate square, baked to perfection and available in an array of different forms. From fudgy to cakey the brownies density is completely bespoke to you and your order! Not forgetting the vast filling options! We’re talking mini marshmallow, chocolate chips, nuts or anything else that takes your fancy, the choice is yours! 

We take our brownies seriously think everyone should be able to enjoy a delicious square of heavenly milk chocolate. That’s why we offer gluten free, vegan and nut free because no dietary requirement should mean you can’t enjoy a brownie! Our vegan brownies have proved so popular, with our renowned baker Elizabeth being inundated with orders! Delivering brownies to your door, Elizabeth is the baker perfect for innovative flavours and using the finest seasonal produce. From chocolate coffee halva, grapefruit and thyme to Chai with pear and mascarpone. All her ingredients are sourced from expert producers and suppliers. 

Brownies should be a delicious flavour sensation and make any occasion even more special! Firm favourites recently would have to be the salted caramel brownie, with the rich chocolate perfectly complimented by the sweet yet salty caramel folded within the brownie’s innards! A scrumptious and mouth-watering showstopper! If keeping it classic with the square brownie is leaving you feeling it’s a little overdone why not try brownie pops? 

What’s a brownie pop I hear you ask? The only thing better than a regular brownie! A sweet bite sized treat, featuring a chocolate brownie skewered and coating in more chocolate, sprinkles and any other sweet addition you can think of!

You can see we’re pretty passionate about our brownies and that’s why we deliver them across both London and Birmingham. We have made it our mission to ensure that getting your hands on them couldn’t be an easier process. By simply heading to our website you can design your very own bespoke bake! What better way to say it than with a selection of fun flavoured brownies? It’s sure to have your family and friends wanting more!