Ordering delicious handmade biscuits from MY BAKER couldn’t be easier! By simply heading to either our design your own where you can create the bespoke biscuit you’ve always envisioned! 

We have an incredible array of designs that we’ve made for weddings, birthdays, corporate events and lots of other special occasions. From animal themed shortbreads to corporate cookies we’ve done it all! MY BAKER knows that with so many options, not only for biscuit flavours, but designs to choose from it can begin to feel an overwhelming task to undertake. Which is why we’ve created a board on Pinterest with some of our favourite bespoke biscuits we’re created and delivered. To help inspire and aid in the decision-making process!

There’s no disputing that a biscuit is a great option for displaying your chosen bakers artistic flare, with the flat surface allowing for all manner of designs to be perfectly piped on. From heartfelt messages to adorable animals. A master of this would have to be one of our top biscuit bakers; Pearl

Pearl started out as an illustrator, illustrating for greeting card companies and creating artwork for T-shirts. She had a design featured in the "Top 30 t-shirts" in, as well as and the Metro newspaper! Whilst illustrating Pearl also worked as an icer for a baking company, icing artwork on cakes and biscuits. It soon became her passion to create artwork that’s edible and so Pearl began to experiment with different flavours in her own time. Pearl cites her most popular flavoured biscuits as vanilla and chocolate, which are also available as a vegan option! Pearl loves doing all types of biscuits from children’s parties to wedding favours, making the couple’s day extra special.

Pearl is based in Luton and Dunstable but because the biscuits are easy to post Pearl can post to just about anywhere in England! One of our favourite Pearl biscuit creations would have to be her Wedding Favours. They add such a thoughtful and delicious element to an already wonderful day and we truly believe there’s no better way to show gratitude than with some seriously tasty biscuits!