Baker FAQs

How quickly do I need to accept (shop) quote for (bespoke) orders?
For all orders, we would appreciate your response as soon as possible, which also gives you the best chance of securing the order.

If you are unable to fulfil an order, please remember to click ‘I am not available’. This will help us filter out bakers and also avoid us contacting you unnecessarily.

For quotes for bespoke orders, a quick response helps us keep the customer's attention, who may be seeking quotes from other sources too. 

How does My Baker commission work? Should I be taking this into account when I quote?

For shop orders, when you are asked if you are available the email sets out your return for cake and delivery.

When quoting for bespoke orders, please quote the net amount you would charge for any cake or bake, not considering our commission. This will be added. 

How do I know if an order is confirmed?
For all orders placed through our online shop and bespoke system, you will receive an automated order confirmation email. For corporate orders, wedding orders some other orders that come in over email, you will receive a manual confirmation email. We strongly recommend you diarise orders as they are confirmed. 

What if something has come up and I can no longer fulfil an order?
If due to extenuating circumstances, you are no longer able to complete an order, please email with the order number in the subject line and follow up with a call immediately. We will try our best to find another baker to manage the order.

I have a shop order to fulfil and urgently need a cake topper. Where can I buy this from?
We work with two preferred cake topper suppliers who can provide next day delivery:

Please email them both and mention My Baker. If you are one of our shop bakers, we strongly recommend you have the below items in stock:

  • Happy Birthday Cake Toppers
  • Pink Ribbon
  • Candle Packs
  • Balloons 

What do I do if I deliver a cake and no one is there to receive it?
If the recipient is not in to receive the cake within the agreed time slot, in the first instance, please give the customer a call. If you cannot get through, please call the My Baker team and we will help you resolve the situation. It is important that you do not leave the delivery address without contacting us first.  

What happens if the order has been damaged during delivery?
If the order has been damaged in any way before reaching the customer, please inform us immediately and email across images so we can assist and help manage the situation. 

What should I do if a customer is unhappy with their cake on delivery?
If you deliver a cake and the customer is unhappy, please contact us immediately. We can do our best to mediate the situation and help rectify if needed. Please ensure you take a picture of every cake order you fulfil for My Baker and email it across before delivery. This will help us respond quickly to any customer complaints.

Can I put my own marketing material on the cake box? Do I have to use My Baker stickers and branding?
Please ensure you include a My Baker sticker and a completed allergen card with every order. For shop orders, gift notes should be handwritten on the allergen card. As per our terms and conditions, please do not attach any of your own company marketing material to the order. If you are running low on marketing material, please email and we will post some more out to you.

What day will I get paid?
For all completed and delivered orders, bakers are paid no later than the 5th of the month following delivery. Each baker receives an order statement with information on the number of orders they completed with My Baker and the net amount paid.

I want to start fulfilling orders for your online shop. How do I go about this?
We offer a wide range of ready to purchase cakes on our online shop where our bakers follow a style guideline. If you are interested in becoming one of our shop bakers, please email

Can My Baker help with discounts on cake supplies & ingredients?
Yes, we have a range of partnerships with suppliers for cake supplies you might need within short notice and you can benefit from discounted rates. To view our supplier discounts, please visit your baker dashboard. You can log in here.  

I can’t login to my baker dashboard. What do I do?
If you have forgotten your password or are having problems accessing your My Baker dashboard, please email and we will reset your password or look into this for you.

How can I change my Baker bio and add new pictures?
If you would like to amend your Baker bio with new images or add to your description, please email and we will take care of this for you. 

I am going on holiday and / or not available to take orders for a specific period. How do I notify My Baker so I do not receive order requests?
You can mark dates you are unable to fulfil orders for My Baker via your baker dashboard. Log on > availability calendar > mark the dates you cannot compete orders > save. It is really helpful to us if you keep this updated.