Important information relating to allergens

My Baker works with independent artisanal bakers to bring delicious, stunning cakes to you.

We have over 200 talented bakers on our books, all of whom have honed their craft over the years, and so we don't seek to standardise recipes and compromise their artisanal flair. 

Instead, you get a cake made with their tried and tested recipe and methodology. Each cake is freshly baked to order, for your enjoyment.

All of our bakers have to demonstrate that they have a kitchen registered with the local council for commercial use and a minimum of Level 2 Food Hygiene certification.

This approach means that we are unable to publish ingredients lists on our website, as the precise ingredients will differ from cake to cake. Each cake comes with an allergy card, indicating which of the 14 food allergens recognised under UK food law it contains.

You are able to choose certain dietary options on each product page.  These are Halal, Vegan, Made Without Eggs (May Contain Traces), Made Without Dairy (May Contain Traces), Made Without Nuts (May Contain Traces) and Made Without Gluten (May Contain Traces).

Please note that we do not operate "free from" kitchens, and as such, despite our best efforts, traces of all food allergens may be present in our cakes. Our cakes are not suitable for individuals with severe allergies and they consume our cakes entirely at their own risk.

If you do require a full ingredients list as opposed to a list of allergens, please let us know in the notes when placing your order.

My Baker

January 2023