About Us

About The Founders 

(Pictured here with Great British Bake Off's Selasi)
In 2016, two young, ambitious female city professionals Noreen and Yvonne, took the bold step of quitting safe careers in the City to pursue an innovative business idea. 
My Baker’s vision was to provide attractive delicious cakes to discerning customers, and in doing so provide much needed revenue to independent artisanal bakers. 
Over the next four years, Noreen and Yvonne built up a network of talented bakers, an enviable collection of cakes, and loyal customers across London and Birmingham. 
Whilst expanding their network of bakers, in 2019 Noreen happened upon Mel, a North London-based baker who signed up and fulfilled many orders over the next 12 months as one of the many independent bakers. 

My Baker’s Second Chapter

my baker group shot
Mel and her husband Mark (who has a background in business), were very impressed with the My Baker platform, and talked of owning the business, though it seemed a distant dream. They felt sure that, with their combination of baking talent and business acumen, they could propel My Baker to even greater success. 
In Spring 2020 Noreen and Yvonne decided to sell the business, and that dream became a reality. Mark & Mel acquired the business in June 2020; so Mel went from baker to owner (though she freely admits her passion is still baking!). 
Since acquiring the business, Mark and Mel are on a mission to expand My Baker beyond its traditional heartlands of London, the South East and Birmingham, to a business with national reach.
Whilst some things have changed, the core vision remains the same. To generate orders for discerning customers, and have them fulfilled by highly talented artisanal bakers. 

Our Bakers

my baker bakers
That’s quite enough about the owners! Here at My Baker, our bakers are the stars of the show. 
We now work with over 150 independent artisanal bakers across the country, creating a real baking community. We are adding 10-20 talented bakers each month (aspiring partners can apply here). 
This means more talented bakers supplying more customers across more locations. See our Where We Deliver map.
Every baker’s work is individually vetted by a member of the My Baker team before they are welcomed on board. The philosophy is, while growth is important, quality is essential. 

A baking community 

Being a source of orders for bakers is only part of the story. My Baker is a real community of bakers. We serve our bakers through monthly calls, sharing interesting recipes, cake ideas, ad-hoc training, and sharing ‘war stories’! This all contributes to making the experience supportive, inclusive and fun. 
We believe our bakers love working with us. Our ethos is that each one is a valued partner, and friend, and this comes across in the quality of their cakes.