Our Story

Why do we exist?

With chain bakeries lined at every street, it can be frustrating to find a cake for a specific occasion, with your flavour, your style and at a good price. The issue is not only the process of finding the cake. There is also no seamless process in contacting a baker for a bespoke order.

We can be the local connection for you. Our interactive cake builder allows you to specify exactly what you want and then connects you to the most suitable bakers in your area.

Our bakers come from professional baking backgrounds, most of them have trained at top pastry schools like Le Cordon Bleu. Once screened and selected, we invite bakers to join our community in bringing you incredible bespoke cakes and desserts for celebrations and other events. 

We have also now identified our most popular cakes, which we have made available to purchase instantly through our bestsellers shop.   

Business Soulmates?

It’s not a story you hear every day.  

Starting the same company, working towards the same goal, and going about the process independently, as two separate entrepreneurs sounds far-fetched and made-up. It’s a business fantasy. 

But in 2016, it’s exactly what happened to Noreen and Yvonne.  

When Noreen came across Yvonne’s company on Instagram, it was only then that she realised someone else had started an almost identical business to her. Antsy, Noreen reached out to Yvonne. They met for coffee (and cake) and realised, as fate would have it, that they worked at the same firm. It seemed too crazy to not grasp the opportunity and get to know one another. 

The two business soulmates sat down, talked out their ideas, and…the rest is history.