What makes the perfect birthday party? At MY BAKER, we believe one of the most important ingredients for an eye popping party is the cake! Have a look at our top 10 trending cake ideas below:

1. Unicorns

The unicorn cake style is arguably one of the most recognisable cakes designs available today. Since 2016, the unicorn craze has taken over, available in cake boutiques, seen all over social media and of course, available to purchase from the MY BAKER shop. One of the bigger cake trends 0f 2017/2018, the unicorn cake galloped out of nowhere and is now everywhere! Our wizard bakers are ready to conjure up a unicorn cake to some magic for your next party! Find out more here.


2. Smash Cakes

    Smash cakes are a recent addition to the kids party craze. The idea is that parents order a colourful cake to be placed in front of a baby on their first birthday. All the guests then gather around to watch and enjoy the child get stuck in and get as messy as possible. Traditionally, a cake smash party has two cakes; an easily broken one with colourful sweets (or cereals for the health conscious parent) and then another for everyone else.

    3. Animals

      For the younger children, there is always the option of an animal cake. Whether fondant or buttercream, you can have a simple yet colourful design featuring a zoo or farmyard animals. For the slightly older birthday celebration MY BAKER can design a quirky jungle cake, complete with a tall giraffe and a scary lion on top- not too scary though!

      4. Digger Cakes

      After doing some digging ourselves into our recent enquiries MY BAKER found that digger cakes are building up a mound of excitement. This style of cake allows bakers to build outside the box, or in this case, to ‘dig’ inside the cake by placing fondant diggers next to gaping ‘dug out’ holes, just like on a real life building site.

      5. Paw Patrol

      Paw Patrol themed cakes have become somewhat of a regular at MY BAKER. Our bakers have been known to bake two tiered novelty cakes with Ryder, Rubble and Rocky standing happily on top, or even an edible image cake with the whole gang beaming up into the room. This is another theme that really lets our bakers get creative as the bright colours and characters that children respond to so well are readily available in almost any format.

      6. Superheroes

      It goes without saying that superhero cakes are an absolute must nowadays. Whether it’s the  Captain America shield, the Superman ‘S’ or even Wonder Woman herself, you can find a cake with just about any Superhero incorporated. You might find a Spider-man cake at a local store but at MY BAKER you can order the full Avengers ensemble for your own miniature heroes. And let’s not forget, girls can be super heroes too! Take a look at this superhero girls cake we have available for all the super girls out there.


      7. Disney

        Disney cakes are without a doubt amongst the top sellers for children’s birthdays. Both boys and girls love to see their favourite Disney characters in true cake style. You can go with classic themes from the Disney Vault like The Little Mermaid and 101 Dalmatians or you can keep it more recent with Frozen themed cakes.

        8. Sports

        If football is their thing then why not go all out and throw a football themed party? There are plenty of FC clubs around that are happy to host kids parties and are the perfect place to present a football themed cake. You can keep it simple with a round football cake or you can make your child the ‘Man of the Match’ this year and amaze the whole squad with one of our novelty football cakes.

        9. Princess

        Princess cakes have always been a popular choice for children’s birthday cakes and rather than go to a high street store MY BAKER can introduce you to a whole new world of tiers and tiaras. You can really get creative with a princess cake, especially given how many Disney princesses there are. You can go above and beyond to make a cake with Ariel, Belle, Cinderella and Snow White on show, making a magical day that much more magical.

        10. Edible Image

        And finally one of the most popular ideas for a kids birthday cake is of course the edible image. Take an image and have it layered over a delicious cake of your choosing. The picture can be anything you want it to be, perhaps your favourite or funniest photo of your child or a picture of their favourite television show.

        One thing that children and cakes share in common (apart from being filled with sugary goodness) is that they are all unique. MY BAKER endeavours to make sure that the right cake reaches the right child on their special day, so no matter what your order, the cake concierge has got you covered.


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