Ditch the standard birthday cakes and opt for something a bit more unusual for your kids party this year.

Here are our top 10 cakes for 2018: 

Unicorn Cakes

Still going strong, the Unicorn cake is a firm favourite for children’s parties. The classic unicorn is a tall layer cake covered in white buttercream. It is then decorated with buttercream rosettes for the mane, and elegant ears and eyes. The cake is then topped with a fondant unicorn horn (usually gold) for the full effect.
Variations that our bakers have done include a harry potter unicorn, vegan unicorns, unicorns in special colour themes and a 3D unicorn.
Priced from £60


Disney will always be a popular theme with children. With more and more movies coming out, the list of characters and cakes are forever growing. Whilst frozen has been a popular theme in past years, it is the traditional Disney theme that we have seen so far in 2018. Minnie and Mickey Mouse cakes have been extremely popular. Styles include tiered cakes topped with Minnie or Mickey. One of our favourites is this simple pink and white Minnie Cake.
Priced from £70

Princess Castle Cake

The Princess castle is another popular cake, and a definite showstopper. Children are amazed at this cake creation no matter which princess is their favourite. This castle made by one of our talented bakers is so realistic, your daughter won't believe it's a cake!
Priced from £85

Paw Patrol

The popular animated TV show was released in 2013 but its popularity shows no signs of decline. Our bakers have created paw patrol cakes in all shapes and sizes. One of our favourites is this cake topped with a paw patrol figurine and the cake board decorated with bone shaped biscuits - perfect party favours for your party guests.
Priced from £55


Dinosaur themed parties are popular with both boys and girls. Orders have included this amazing two-tiered cake. Want something a little more girly? Our bakers can do pink cakes with purple dinosaurs, it’s completely up to you!
Priced from £75

Two Tier Afro Girl Cake

This cake has been popular for both baby showers and birthday parties. Found on the internet and now trending on Pinterest, a few customers have contacted us for something similar. Our baker Sandra did such an amazing job, orders for this cute cake keep coming in.
Prices start from £150

Galaxy Cakes

From rockets and space ships to aliens and planets, a space party theme is magical and is becoming popular amongst children. The dark frosting combined with planets and stars has an impressive effect that kids will love. Why not combine this with an assortment of spaceship and planet biscuits or planet cake pops to really make your child’s party out of this world!
Prices start from £60

Peppa Pig

Peppa pig Is a longstanding popular party theme for younger children. Orders for Peppa pig cakes have ranged from a simple cake with peppa’s face on the top, to a pink and white two-tiered cake with a Peppa figurine perched on the top. If you have an original idea, our bakers are always more than happy to create something new and completely bespoke.
Prices start from £55

Thomas The Tank Engine

Thomas the tank engine is an old favourite. Most parents will remember Thomas and his friends from their own childhood days! A very popular cake for boys, we have seen many variations, with most including a model of Thomas on the top.
Prices start from £60


If you’re looking for a theme that works for both boys and girls, you can’t go wrong with a jungle theme! We’ve seen plenty of orders for cakes decorated in animal prints and jungle scenes topped with tigers, elephants and monkeys. Not a fan of Jungle animals? Farm animal themed cakes are also popular with cakes for younger children.
Prices start from £55

Looking for more than just a cake? we do bespoke dessert tables, cupcakes, biscuits, cake pops and more. All items are bespoke and can be personalised to work with your theme or match the cake. Submit your bespoke cake request at www.mybaker.co.

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