Any baker worth a spoon full of sugar will be able to tell you the great mystery of the cake world that has left bakers baffled, bemused and bamboozled - who started the latest cake trend of smash cake? This trend, rumoured to have been born in the US before being adopted by the Brits, has become the go to event for any 1st birthday party.

What is a smash cake party?

Surely anyone who is anyone has heard of smash cake, baby cake smashing or the phenomenon of the baby and the smashed cake. No? A smash cake party is where family and friends gather for a 1st birthday to watch a 1 year old smash a cake (yes, literally).  

On that note, you might be asking ‘can’t they just have their cake and eat it?’ Well, they could do but why bother when any 1 year old will just make a mess anyway, so why not make a memory at the same time? It’s a given that things won’t stay clean for long so if you do plan to throw a smash cake soiree, towels and cleaning supplies are advised at the ready! If you hold the cake smashing ceremony in the kitchen, there is always the sink nearby to wash off little Tommy or Daisy - and don’t forget to invite Henry the Hoover to see to the rest.

Traditionally, there are two cakes at the party. A smash cake for the cake smashing 1 year old and another, tastier cake for the grownups. Normally, there is also a professional photographer hanging around as well.

So just how do you go about making a smash cake? Whilst you can always check out our bakers here, a pre-smashed cake doesn’t need to look the bee’s knees- unless you want it to. You could keep it simple and easy to clean up, or build a potential colour canvas but be warned, green cakes may equal green babies (just think of the Instagram likes).  

Originally, cake smashing was the best way to introduce your baby to sugar for the first time. But if you would prefer to go down the healthier option, some cereals, bananas, cherries and raisins will do the trick just fine. There are bakers out there who will be more than happy to accommodate any requirements – think dairy free, egg free and dare we say it, sugar free!  

Get creative with a fun family photo shoot or, if you can hold a joint birthday party then why not a joint smash cake party? Or go a little older and have them smash their way into the terrible twos? 

If you have a 1st birthday on the way or know someone who does, let them know all about the latest smash cake trend and help them to have a cake smashing good time.

Design your own smash cake here

Have you held a cake smash party? What was your budget? Whether large or small, share with us below…

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