“The wedding cake can be dramatic – buying the wedding cake doesn’t need to be!”

My Baker’s wedding cake philosophy

We’re frequently asked why we don’t offer sit-down consultations and tasting sessions for weddings.  Our co-owner Mark Sinjakli explains why at My Baker, we do things a bit differently.

“This is a highly contrived image for commercial purposes.  I’m a businessman – I have never baked a cake in my life and I wouldn’t know where to start! Luckily I know 200 incredible bakers who do.” - Mark Sinjakli

 1. You actually pay for that “free” face-to-face consultation

We recognise that for some couples, there is no substitute for meeting your baker face to face. Tasting samples, having a detailed design consultation, perhaps even doing that with 2-3 different bakers before choosing the preferred one, is kind of a rite of passage.

Here at My Baker, we just can’t help asking “why?”  The reality is that someone has to pay for these “free” consultations, so they are built into the price of the wedding cake that follows.

In fact, if bakers offer free consultations, and not every customer goes ahead, then the chances are that prices have to go up further to cover the cost of these consultations that don’t lead to a sale.

My Baker Semi Naked Wedding Cake (Tall Tiers)

Semi Naked Wedding Cake (Tall Tiers)

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2. We can make you a cake that lights up your wedding day – without it costing you the deposit on your first home! 

At My Baker, we want every customer to be delighted with their cake, and that goes double for an occasion as important as a wedding. However, we think this can be achieved in a different way.  

Let’s be honest -weddings aren’t cheap.  And if you are a young couple you might be thinking about starting a family (or already have one), and saving for a deposit on a new home, which of course is harder than ever.

mybakerco Fleurs de Printemps

Fleurs de Printemps

3. Our five point approach to wedding cakes

Our approach to your wedding cake can be explained in five easy steps:

  1. We have a gorgeous and extensive range of carefully curated wedding cakes, that we can offer online;
  2. If you don’t like what you see or have another idea, you can fill in a form for a bespoke quote. We can have an over the phone consultation and exchange emails to get to the design you want;
  3. We offer our six signature flavours, but we are willing to make others on request;
  4. We can send a sample box out to you in the post. We will bake these samples freshly to order, specifically for you.  The same baker who bakes the samples will go on to make your wedding cake; 
  5. There is a cost to the sample box, but it is redeemable* if you spend over £500 on your cake.

*Delivery fee is not redeemable.

mybakerco Rustic Ripple Sunrise Wedding Cake (14 Days)

Rustic Ripple Sunrise Cake

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4. The “Oh Dear” (or stronger language) moment when your long-booked baker lets you down

When Robert Burns wrote “the best laid plans of mice and men go oft awry”, I don’t think he was specifically talking about wedding cakes, but he could well have been!

We frequently receive calls from distressed brides or grooms.  The cake has been months in the planning and suddenly the baker can’t do it any more.

We get it. That’s why we call our range “Weddings Within A Week”. We don’t mind a bit more notice, but when push comes to shove, with the host of talent working with My Baker, we can move pretty quickly to get you the cake design and flavours you want, made by a talented baker, and delivered on time.

In short, we move quickly if we need to – AND we never compromise on quality.

mybakerco Obsidian Dreams

Obsidian Dreams

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5. Conclusion

We’re quite happy to admit that we aren’t the people to come to for free samples or face to face consultations. It’s not how our business works.

But if you:

  • Want a stunning, delicious cake made by a carefully vetted, talented baker;
  • Don’t want to spend your house deposit and future children’s nappy money buying it; 
  • Don’t have the time or the inclination for a face-to-face consultation; or
  • Got let down by another baker and need a baker who can move quickly;

Then we’d be honoured to help with your special day.

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