Katie - Our Contemporary Baker

Meet Katie, a baker who transforms classic wedding cakes into contemporary pieces of art.

Katie with cake balloons
Having studied graphic design at university, Katie finds inspiration in everything around her, from art and architecture to interior design and advertising. She began her baking journey when she embarked on a mission to make her very own wedding cake. Her fiancé booked her a wedding cake course, where she learnt to stack her very first three-tier cake. Flash forward to now, Katie is still mainly self-taught but has taken a chocolate course and earned a patisserie diploma. She believes “getting good at a skill, like cake making and decorating, is all about trial and error and lots of practice!”

Whilst all of Katie’s cakes are stunning and extravagant, her favourite to make was a tropical flamingo cake. It was a stunning five tier cake. She’s even made a summer and winter version! Katie is constantly expanding her flavour portfolio. Her latest flavours are sherry trifle and Neapolitan, whilst a customer favourite is raspberry ripple.

The most stressful aspect of being a baker are the deliveries. Delivering a four-tier buttercream wedding cake, in the middle of August, can be nerve-racking. The most rewarding part of being a baker for Katie is how happy her cakes make people. “I love being a part of a couple’s wedding journey and meeting with them to discuss their wedding plans at every step of the way.”  She loves to see her design and sketches come to life perfectly for a couple’s special day.

Katie currently offers one to one bespoke wedding cake courses, but will also soon be offering chocolate and modern cake decorating courses.

three different wedding cakes all tiered
Looking for a contemporary wedding cake? Submit a form at https://mybaker.co/pages/create-a-bake-landing-cakes-and-products and we will be in touch with price quotes and ideas.

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