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Read MY BAKER's five top tips on how to cut a tall cake

The time has come.

The candles have been blown out, the in-laws are watching and it’s time to figure out how to cut this huge cake without making it an absolute shamble.

Sound familiar?

Whether you’re on the high street, Instagram or on the My Baker website you’ll probably have noticed that these cakes are getting pretty tall nowadays.

Gone are the days where the cake wasn't the main attraction.

Now it’s go big, or go home.

Sure, everyone knows the fundamentals of cutting a cake right? How hard can it be to cut a tall cake? At My Baker, we've been wondering just that.

1. Cut those corners

The first great tip we found came from lifestyle blogger Brogen, who suggests that the easiest way to slice your delicious cake is piece by piece.

Start from an aerial view as shown, slice down a quarter of the cake, leaving the centre of the cake untouched.

Don’t go too far down though, the cake will likely be layered so cutting half way down will do if you want twice the portions.

Then, slice through the base of the quarter to level off the size, removing it entirely. Next simply slice the quarter into the portions you need and voila – a  piece of cake!

A portion size to show how to cut your cake into quarters

2.Slice n' dice

Next, if you want to cut portions for the whole party and not just for yourself then take a look at the grid below. We have taken the liberty to sketch up a 32 portion guide for you. If you consider how tall your cake is, you could even cut the height in two.

Now that's a lot of cake.

An aerial cake view ready to be sliced, diced and served

3. Board it up

Our next life hack, or should we say, cake hack, has been circulating the rounds on social media after Australia’s Katherine Sabbath went viral on Instagram.

If you’ve got a larger than life cake and no decent sized cake cutter, then you might be worried that cutting into it freestyle will ruin the structure of the cake. Well don’t worry, cake loving Katherine has got you covered.

Simply hold a nice clean chopping board against the side of your cake to support it as you cut down. This allows you to choose portion size, will keep the shape of your cake intact and is guaranteed to make you look like an absolute boss at the same time.

Thanks Katherine!


4. Double Decker

If you really want to go above and beyond then when enquiring about our taller cakes, consider asking for cake boards to be hidden between cake layers within the design.

If they are going to cover your delicious cake in either fondant or buttercream, this will easily hide the edges of the board inside your cake. It’s effectively two cakes cleverly disguised as one!

This way, when you start slicing the cake, the cake board will let you know when you’ve sliced that perfectly sized portion. 

The perfect place to hide a cakeboard inside your tall cake, giving you the perfect portion

5. Free Style

Wing it.

When asking around about how our lovely customers would cut their terrifically tall cakes, we heard back from a few rogue cake cutters that they don’t give it much thought!

‘Go with the flow’, they say as they play a risky game with their portion sizes!

Whilst we are sure this would bring out a collective and incredibly anxious gasp from our bakers, as someone once said ‘Let them eat cake!’.

A blue and white rtall cake waiting to be sliced up!

So there you have it. Five insider tips on how to cut your tall cake.

Do you have any tricks or techniques for cutting a tall cake?

Has all this talk of cake got your tummy rumbling?

Is your friend an avid cake connoisseur in need of a helping hand?

Well, let them know by sharing this post or commenting below!

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