Gilded Aegean



gohl-duhn ]


  • bright, metallic, or lustrous like gold; of the color of gold; yellow:golden hair.
  • made or consisting of gold:golden earrings.
  • exceptionally valuable, advantageous, or fine:a golden opportunity.
  • having glowing vitality; radiant:golden youth.
  • full of happiness, prosperity, or vigor:golden hours; a golden era of exploration.
  • highly talented and favored; destined for success:television's golden boy.



[ ih-jee-uhn ]



For a late summer / early Autumn wedding, this Aegean sea blue cake with sun-kissed golden detail works a treat.

Each tier is a taller than average four layers of sponge, layered and covered in buttercream. With white / gold stencilling, blue buttercream piping, decorative dried grasses, a blue and a gold macaron per tier, and topped with a spectacular fan of gold palm fronds.

The original cake was designed and made by our talented baker Humaira.


Included in the price: Cake, buttercream piping, decorative flowers and foliage (dried grasses and gold palm frond fan), gold stencilling, and a message of your choice on the board.

Not included in the price:

Flavours: Our available flavours are Vanilla, Chocolate, Victoria Sponge, Lemon, Red Velvet and Salted Caramel.  If you would like different flavours for each tier, we will be happy to accommodate! Please select the "Different per tier" option and let us know your chosen flavours in the notes (after clicking “Add to Cart”).

Colours: The default colours are as shown in the picture. Please allow for some reasonable level of variation. If you have other colour requests or a theme you would like us to work with, we will be happy to accommodate them. Please let us know in the notes (after clicking “Add to Cart”).

Dietary Information: If made to a conventional recipe, this cake will contain eggs, dairy and gluten. This cake can be made Halal, Vegan, Made without Dairy (May Contain Traces), Made Without Eggs (May Contain Traces) and Made Without Nuts (May Contain Traces).  Appearance and flavour will differ when compared to cakes made with a conventional recipe. We cannot rule out traces of any allergen being in the cakes due to the baking environment. The flowers are inedible and should be removed before serving. 


Struggling to choose which size to order? Visit the My Baker Guide on Cutting a Cake for more information!

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