Finding the perfect birthday cake for someone special, when there’s so many elements to consider, can begin to feel like an almost impossible task.

Did they want fondant or buttercream? One tier or two? Red Velvet or Chocolate? Your brain awash with obscure cake details but you’re still none the wiser as to which one to choose.

That’s why MY BAKER has turned to astrology. This could be considered a tenuous link. Until you realise there’s twelve distinct zodiac signs and twelve brand new cakes available on our shop! With our finest artisan bakers delivering across London and Birmingham in 24-48 hours.

Each zodiac possesses its own traits and preferences, all of them different in their own right. Much like our shop cakes, with each one unique and flavoursome.

From our undeniably delicious Biscoff cake to our classic Victoria Sponge. Who’s to say it’s not written in the stars that for each zodiac sign there’s a perfectly matched cake?

If you’re intrigued to see which cake, we think you would be then keep reading!

Aries (21st March – 19th April) – The Chocolate Orange Cake

Aries are the first of the zodiac signs and often characterised as quick thinking and competitive natured. Symbolised as rams, those that fall under this sign are undeniably ambitious and bold. Diving headfirst into whatever challenges life presents!

Which is why My Baker think the perfect cake to celebrate an Aries birthday would have to be our delectable Chocolate Orange Cake.

Dive headfirst into this combination cake, as two richly bold and diverse flavours compete to create a flavoursome match made in heaven. Uniting high cocoa content chocolate with citrusy orange notes, before being coated in a smooth velvety buttercream and topped with jellied orange slices. We’re sure this cake will be a winner with Aries the world over! 


Taurus (20th April – 20th May) – The Lemon Cake


The Taurus, depicted as the bull, are known for their love of serenity and bucolic environments. Falling under the earth sign, Taureans are notoriously spirited beings and lovers of soft sounds and succulent flavours. Making The Zesty Lemon Cake our first choice!

With its soft sponge interior, lashings of smooth velvety buttercream and zingy lemon accents. A flavourful sensation with a rustic charm, we’re sure it will be the perfect accompaniment to a Taurus’ birthday celebration.


Gemini (21st May – 20th June) – The Peanut Butter Cake


Gemini are characterised as celestial twins, with two distinct parts to their personality. From inquisitive and fun loving, with a fascination of the world around them. To thoughtful and open-minded. Gemini’s distinct curiosity and lovable traits make The Peanut Butter Cake the one for them.

It’s a beautiful combining of textures and flavours, from the smooth buttercream to the crunchy crushed peanut dusting. Each mouthful is an explosion of rich chocolate and salted peanut. Showing how all these juxtaposing elements can come together to work in harmony, creating a seriously delicious cake fit for a Gemini!


Cancer (21st June – 22nd July) – The Brushstroke Cake

Cancers are deeply intuitive, empathetic and loyal. Guided through life by their heart and highly imaginative, with a love of the arts and being surrounded by water. Which is why MY BAKER think the perfect cake to celebrate a Cancer’s birthday is the decadent Brushstroke Cake.

A towering buttercream cake with a pastel toned brushstroke effect. Created using painted shards of chocolate. Symbolic of a splash in the ocean or even an artist’s canvas. Both help determine that this is the perfect choice for the special Cancer sign in your life!


Leo (23rd July – 22nd August) – The Red Velvet Cake

Leo’s are often portrayed as passionate and fiery born leaders. With a creative personality and warm-hearted nature the Leo in your life is no doubt a strong and confident figure. One that deserves a cake that’s representative of that. Which is why we have chosen the fierce favourite of many; The Red Velvet Cake.

It’s distinctive rouge coloured interior and crumb dusting that adorns the cakes top encapsulates the inner fiery qualities of a Leo. Before being coated in a tangy cream cheese frosting, acting as a counterbalance to the lightness of the sponge. Surprise the Leo in your life with a cake they’re sure to love!


Virgo (23rd August – 22nd September) – The Carrot Cake

Virgos are lovers of detail, with practical and analytical qualities. Their methodical approach and organisational skills being some of their biggest attributes. Which is why The Carrot Cake is the perfect cake of choice.

The skillful blending of ingredients, ensure the exact quantity of each is used to create a deliciously tasty cake. Topped with a precise number of chopped walnuts and evenly spread smooth velvety buttercream. For the Virgo in your life treat them to a cake that will please their love of precision and no doubt leave them wanting another slice!


Libra (23rd September – 22nd October) – The Salted Caramel Cake


Libra’s are commonly known for being peaceful, fair and haters of conflict. Depicted as scales, balance and symmetry are of great importance in a Libra’s life. Which is why The Salted Caramel Cake, with it’s perfect balance of sweet and salted flavours is the cake of choice for the Libra.

A beautiful combination of rich chocolate sponge and perfectly salted caramel, to create that juxtaposition of flavour sensation that works in harmony. Not forgetting it’s smooth buttercream coating making this the best addition to a Libra’s birthday celebrations, that’s sure to leave guests wanting more!

Scorpio (23rd October – 21st November) – The Biscoff Cake

Scorpio’s, known for their assertive nature and distinct passion. With decisive and determined attributes they are often great leaders. You can almost always be sure that a Scorpio-born will keep your secret safe. So here’s our best kept secret…our unbelievable Biscoff Cake!

The perfect blend of buttercream and Biscoff. Sandwiched between a seriously light and moist sponge. This cake is a definite Scorpio crowd-pleaser.


Sagittarius (22nd November – 21st December) –The Pistachio Cake

Sagittatrius are known for their energetic and curious nature. With a love of travel and open-minded view of the world around them. Their optimism and love of change knows no bounds. Which is why The Pistachio Cake is the most obvious choice!

Playing on their curious nature and interest in newfound things, with new textures and flavours that aren’t always common within cake.

The smooth buttercream coating and filling couples perfectly with the crunch of the crushed pistachio’s. That are lightly dusted over the cakes exterior and folded within the cakes mix. A delicious exploration of flavour that will leave the Sagittarius in your life thoroughly excited!


Capricorn (22nd December – 19th January) – The Victoria Sponge Cake

Capricorn are a zodiac that embody responsibility and time management, commonly known for their love of tradition and their sense of seriousness. While Capricorns maybe masters of self-control in their everyday life we’re sure they won’t be able to stop themselves having another slice of our delicious Victoria Sponge Cake!

The perfect cake for a lover of tradition, this age old classic cake combines soft sponge layers with fresh cream and strawberry jam. Not forgetting the fresh strawberries adorning the cakes top, this really is a cake fit for a Capricorn!


Aquarius (20th January – 18th February) – The Chocolate Cake


Aquarius are often depicted as shy but definitely have an energetic side! Their deep thinkers and often highly intellectual with a love of helping others. Adapting their energy to those around them and looking at the world as a place of opportunity.

Which is why The Chocolate Cake is the one for an Aquarius. It’s a well-known tried and tested cake flavour, making it a definite crowd-pleaser but our shop cakes high cocoa content make it an extra special! So, treat the Aquarius in your life to something a little extra and indulgent.


Pisces (19th February – 20th March) – The Vanilla Cake

Pisces are lovers of company and friendship. Selfless by nature they will often help others and expected nothing in return. So why not give back to the Pisces in your life by gifting them this stunning Vanilla Cake?

A quintessential cake of choice with lashings of buttercream in a stunning blush pink!

Sure, to be a winner with Pisces you can even add a personalised message expressing your love for them on the cakes top!

We hope our cake and astrology crossover has proven helpful and given you some serious inspiration for any upcoming birthday parties. Be sure to let us know in the comments if we successfully matched your zodiac with a flavour you think you’d love!


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