Meet Olga, Our Dessert Master

It is long overdue to introduce Olga, one of our fantastic bakers and a true cake artist.

Olga developed her passion for baking alongside her mum at a young age, and hasn’t left the kitchen since. With training from the International Culinary Centre in New York City and a graduate from the world-renowned patisserie school Le Cordon Bleu, Olga opened her own confectionary business when she was just 24 years old. Moving from Saint Petersburg, she has now taken her extraordinary bakes to London – lucky us, as we now get the chance to try her stunning bespoke cakes as well!

One of her most exciting, yet challenging, creations was a seven (yes, seven!) tiered wedding cake with a heart cut out in the middle. This gravity-defying cake was showcased in front of hundreds of guests and as expected, was a masterpiece.   

Wedding Cake  Wedding Cake  Wedding Cake

Olga told us about her biggest baking disaster: “I was making a gender reveal cake, so the future mother didn't know if it was a girl or a boy.  She wanted to be sure that the cake would have a proper blue or pink colour. It was a girl, so I made the pink sponge inside - everything turned out perfectly, the cake was beautiful. It was my first gender reveal cake, and I took the project quite seriously. I was really excited, but also quite nervous. When we met, the first thing she asked me was if the colour turned out well. I answered: ‘Yes, everything worked out perfectly, it's perfectly pink.’ Realising I just spoiled the surprise, I wanted to cut my tongue out! She started to laugh and since then has become a frequent customer of mine, despite the fact that I couldn't keep a secret.”

Baby Cake  Friends Cake  Harrods Selfridges Cake

Olga’s schedule varies day to day, and really depends on how busy the cake season is. During the peak seasons, such as wedding and communion season, she sleeps 2-3 hours per night, in order to finish upcoming orders. Like most bakers, Monday is her most relaxing day.

Olga explains that the most stressful part of being a baker is the delivery, as she can never relax until the cake is set up at the venue. Luckily, Olga has her own system to assembling the cake for safe transportation and has a great delivery team that is well trained. To date, Olga has delivered over 1000 cakes!

When asked what her favourite part of baking is, Olga loves to see the happy faces and smiles of her customers and that she can partake in people’s most important, touching and special moments.

Need Inspiration for your next cake? View Olga’s previous creations here.

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