London's Top Vegan Cakes

London’s Top Vegan Cakes 

The days of ‘true vegetarians’ looking enviously across cafes or sighing longingly as they remember that perfect bite of chocolate sponge are over. With the rise of veganism it makes sense that vegan cakes, whether they are a vegan chocolate cake, a vegan carrot cake or even a vegan cupcake, have become increasingly popular. At MY BAKER, we have everything you need for the perfect vegan bake

Hang on a minute, how can a cake be vegan?

Our bakers have refined and recreated classic recipes using substitutes for dairy products and eggs. Our bakers generally use natural substitutes such as hazelnut milk, almond milk, soy milk or coconut oil for dairy products. Tofu, applesauce, vinegar with baking soda and mashed bananas replacing eggs. Through trial and error and sheer dedication, practice and passion, our bakers have perfected their vegan recipes, so taste and texture are not compromised.

Read below for some of our best vegan bakes:

1. Vegan Chocolate Cake

    The team at MY BAKER don’t mess around when it comes to cake. So for our first vegan bake, it’s got to be a chocolate cake! This gorgeous creation is a vegan chocolate cake with seasonal fruits and also comes as a gluten free option. It’s no surprise that this is our most popular vegan cake option, so no matter what time of year this beauty is ready to go with the best fruity bits around on top. Personalise your cake with a message on the cake board too.

    2. Rosette Vanilla Cake

    This cake gives us butterflies! Made with gluten free vanilla sponge and coated with intricately piped ombre rosette. Perfect for fancy themed parties (or a Friday night-in if you don’t want to share), this elegant vegan cake looks almost as incredible as it tastes!


    3. Free From Chocolate Ganache Cake

    If it’s more of a ‘classic’ cake that you are after then look no further, our free from chocolate ganache cake will hit the spot. Also, let’s not forget that this cake is about as natural as they come as it is gluten, egg, dairy and refined sugar free- not that you’d be able to tell with it’s moist texture and awesome chocolatey flavour!


    4. Gluten Free Carrot Cake

    Now whilst this not technically a vegan cake, there is a vegan option available - so it still counts. Filled to the brim with fresh carrots and zesty spices this gluten free/ vegan carrot cake is sure to get your taste buds racing.  

    5. Vegan Novelty Cake

      Go bananas for vegan cake! Our bakers also work with vegan fondant, a skill very rare to find in most bakeries, or at least not done at a bespoke level. We’ve made shoes, bags, bananas and of course, vegan unicorn cakes! With a yummy vegan chocolate sponge inside, the detail and the moistness of the cake will fool even the most esteemed cake concierge into thinking it’s a regular old cake!

      So there you have it, our top 5 vegan cakes. Do you have any vegan cake ideas you’d like to share? Or do you know any vegans out there struggling to find a decent vegan cake in London? Share the love by commenting below or sharing the MY BAKER blog with your cake crazy friends!

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